Underlying goal

Regarding “Economic Benefits of undocumented workforce …” The first thing l noticed is that the author, Mr. Perryman has a long list of titles.

I can imagine people as himself looking at all types of data to try and justify what is now an effort by the wealthy and elitist to have “open borders” worldwide.

With technology swollening up jobs and corporations also moving south or overseas, how do Mr. Perryman and the Monitor editorial board see jobs being available for a quickly expanding population.

The poor, the uneducated, the sick, are much easier for the ruling class and elitist to manipulate. That seems to be the underlying goal.

Like Harlingen city leaders being more concerned about building a convention center instead of setting those monies aside for infrastructure improvements and repairs, such as somehow alleviating the downtown traffic problems caused by slow-moving trains.

Mr. Perryman along with most elitist, are more concerned about taking care of foreigners than US citizens.

Next topic of discussion for Mr. Perryman needs to be a defense for illegals and crime.

Illegals are zero financial benefit to the average American working class taxpayer, but they are a huge benefit to business and local governments.

N. Rodriguez Harlingen