Judge orders Yzaguirre to stay away from tax office

Cameron County Tax Assessor-Collector Tony Yzaguirre won’t be allowed to return to work as a condition of his bail.

Visiting Senior State District Judge Manuel Banales ordered Yzaguirre to stay away from the tax office during a hearing this afternoon.

Banales will be presiding over the trials of Yzaguirre and three other men accused of bribery, abuse of official capacity, official oppression and engaging in organized criminal activity.

Yzaguirre, Jose Mireles, Pedro Garza Jr. and Omar Sanchez Paz, who were all employed at the county tax office appeared before the judge.

During the hearing Banales ordered Yzaguirre not to return to work.

“Stay away from the office while these charges are pending, the public has a right to feel safe,” the judge told the tax man.

Garza’s attorney filed a motion to separate his case from that of the other three men, which Banales granted.

Prosecutors opposed the personal recognisance bonds the men were initially granted. Garza’s attorney told the court his client was terminated from his position as an investigator for the tax office.

Banales ordered prosecutors and defense attorneys not to speak to the media regarding the case.