Making a run for it: Teen escapes, hides in pile of grass

HARLINGEN — Police have re-arrested a man who earlier escaped custody.

On Feb. 17, a 19-year-old Harlingen resident, Devin Ray Monsevais, was arrested pending arraignment on the charge of robbery by assault.

Before noon yesterday, Monsevais was escorted to the municipal court.

While waiting for his arraignment on the charge for attempting to steal a pair of tennis shoes, Monsevais ran handcuffed from the courtroom and out the main doors of the Court.

Officers, U.S. Border Patrol & Customs, and U.S. Marshalls Officers set up a perimeter around the area. He was located a short time later hiding under a pile of cut grass in an empty lot behind one of the bail bonds buildings approximately 100 yards from the court building from where he fled.

Monsevais was contained during the short period of the search and was taken into custody without incident.

He currently is incarcerated in the city jail pending escape from custody charges.

His bond on the two robbery charges were set at $60,000.