You can’t control other’s choices, beliefs

Many thanks to Jim Taylor for inspiring me to write yet another opinion.

In fact, I have pondered the very same thoughts as Mr. Taylor regarding the separation and division of the United States into two separate left-and right-wing territories.

Sounds like a great Utopian society, Mr. Taylor … until you wake up from this outrageous fantasy!

You see, sir, there is a thing called “offspring” … better known as children.

Yes, those lovely little dumplings do a crazy thing called, “growing up” and much to our chagrin, do something even crazier called “having a mind of their own.”

Get the picture, good sir? You cannot “control” people and their “choices/beliefs.”

The good Lord made us this way and no man shall divide us. We are stuck with each other and that is the test.

Make the best of it, sir … those dang liberals get under my skin, too.

Ramiro Ochoa Santa Rosa