Dislike Cruz

I am no fan of Ted Cruz, I believe this man will say anything just to get a votes. I have seen him and his wife making speeches, proclaiming to be Christians. One could ague that Mr.Cruz does not represent Christians or Christian churches in his political views.

Anyone with scripture knowledge knows that Jesus of Nazareth, spoke against religious groups in particular the Pharisees. These group of people set up a complex system of religious requirements, which they were only able to abide by, thus making themselves appear to be “righteous.”

They had to compassion with people whom had their own ideals or standards, in fact they condemn such people. This behavior contradicted Jesus of Nazareth teachings.

Ted Cruz actions and comments is that of a modern day Pharisee. He is a calculating idealist who lacks compassion for anyone who doesn’t agree with his frightful set of ideals.

He can wrap himself in 1,000 bibles, he can around proclaiming his religious believes. But to me, he is a clever, sleazy politician, who will say anything to make himself look saintly. Ted Cruz a Christian, not in this lifetime.

Frank Garcia Harlingen