Troubles all around

National debt climbing.

Did I mention $32 trillion in offshore accounts.

Did I mention the clusters of welfare along with huge profits finding their way over seas.

Did I mention these Corporations used to pay up to 90 percent in Taxes.

Somehow they have suckered their followers into believing that more cuts in taxes are the right thing to do. It has greatly enabled their opportunity to keep stashing their welfare and profits overseas.

Instead of paying taxes, both corporations and their measly-paid employees keep bleeding the government.

Foreign aide to approximately 150 countries doesn’t help, especially aide to Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, China etc.

The debt just keeps climbing and guess who’s stuck trying to lower the debt. On another note, there is a writer that is not happy living in the USA. He wants to secede and take only what makes him happy.

He is shoving the Bible in our faces as if he reads it and abides by Jesus’s teachings and Gospel messages.

I thought Moses had destroyed the golden calf, but he won’t let go of his. He can move right next door to Mexico, where they’ll welcome his lifestyle. He wants to take us back to the 1930s, where the wealthy kept every thing and workers got paid in peanuts.

He probably dreams of owning the company stores that enslaved the workers with outrageous prices and kept them indebted for life.

He wants to take the military with him, but he’d probably only take the officers, since lower paid enlisted men wouldn’t cut it.

Imagine a bunch of old enlisted white men, tongues hanging out, charging the enemy. If you are not a criminal, nor are mentally impaired, nobody is preventing you from buying a gun.

Your input about being afraid of guns in invalid. Just a little bit of common sense. Have a great day.

Juan Gonzales Harlingen