Corruption demanded?

What a mess in Cameron County, where an employee was arrested for theft and, an elected official was indicted and charged with several crimes.

Let me be clear, this letter is not meant to besmirch every county employee because the majority are good, hard-working employees.

It’s elected officials, like Tony Yzaguirre, who are arrested and permitted to return to work without a drop of shame. It wasn’t until an out-of-town District Judge kept him away from work. In the Saturday edition (2-20-16) of the Nuevo Heraldo, he and his attorney appear to be laughing.

In Cameron County where corruption is now the Lexicon, seeing elected officials getting charged and indicted has become the norm.

When is this going to stop, when are the taxpayers going to open up their eyes and quit voting for the same people over and over?

In this county, which is one of the poorest in the nation, not only is corruption permitted, it is demanded.

Frank Garcia, Harlingen