Are we crazy or what?

First I want to thank the Valley Star for a wonderful Sunday paper.

Sunday’s issue provided a treasure trove of different opinions on various issues. This issue proves that we need to read opinions and see facts and not rely on sound bites to form our own views. Thank you for showing me why I need to be a daily reader.

Now the reason for this writing. Mr Jim Taylor’s write up telling us about the catch and release program of illegals. Some months or maybe years ago, I took a tour of our illegals holding and processing center. The tour leader kept saying the border patrol “kicked butt.”

If she said it once, she said it 10 times. I had heard from nurses and physical therapists who were providing home care for me that we were releasing illegals from prison and taking them to the bus depot because of over crowding and other reasons.

At some point in the tour I was unable to refrain from asking about this catch and release program. Her response was that it must be someone else, because remember, the border patrol “kicks butt.”

Now let’s quit kicking butt and see if we should be doing something different. If we are just watching illegals come in and go through our state, let’s park the buses and the hundred or thousands of vehicles saving the fuel and maintenance, keep paying the personnel so we don’t cripple our local economy.

Maybe we should show our compassion to the illegals and provide transportation to our border states, helping the them on their way. What ever we do ought to make common sense. Having border patrol agents watch illegals cross our state doesn’t make sense!

Maybe the agents could take up bowling or other activities to help our local economy while we figure out what makes sense.

Tony Bos Harlingen