Helping veterans: Can collection money will go to Wounded Warriors

LA FERIA — Toss empty aluminum cans into the eight foot basket or leave them by the door.

The Bottle Shop Liquor Store owners are collecting cans and selling them to send money to the Wounded Warrior Project.

Wounded Warrior Project is a charity and veterans’ service organization that offers a variety of programs, services and events for wounded veterans of military actions following the events of Sept. 11, 2001.

Store owner Eric Hoff wanted to do something for the veterans who are coming home wounded from Iraq and Afghanistan.

So, he asked a friend to build him a wooden container to fill up with aluminum cans to involve the community, too.

“People drop their cans off or toss them into the cage,” Hoff said. “It’s really to get people who are throwing away cans.”

Hoff said it’s turning into a good community effort to help veterans.

“It tugs on you a little bit when you see guys that went to defend us and come back with no legs or arms,” Hoff said.

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