No more concrete, noise

Dear Politician “for the people,” I am writing with concern about the long and arduous discussions on the West Rail Trail movement.

I am in favor of the benefits of a hike and bike trail instead of more concrete and noise.

I grew up in Port Isabel living near the Laguna Atacosa Park where having open areas are enjoyed and green space is protected and seen as a benefit to health and to planet.

The Valley has always suffered from major health ailments because infrastructure took precedence over providing areas for movement and being out in nature.

I know I am one of thousands of voices that are not being taken seriously and getting the run around with constant meeting after meeting regarding this issue. It’s as if the proponents of the “concrete” keep stringing this along hoping the citizen tax payers who “need” this green space will go away.

This is a shame. When is politics really going to listen to the people instead of their own political interests?

Sincerely, Shannon McKeown, MS, LDN Brownsville