Stop re-electing officials over and over

Just great … a 10-whammy.

One – Tony Yzaguirre is allowed to go to the office a few weeks so he can have a chance at erasing evidence. Then another judge comes in and decides he has had enough time to fix things.

Two – Tony is kept on payroll to enjoy life at the county taxpayers’ expense.

Three – With the money he is getting paid, his attorney will be basking in life at the taxpayers’ expense. He can delay, delay, delay the trial and make money. Tony gets paid for no work. But the attorney makes money (through Tony) off the taxpayers.

Four – The right for a speedy trial is out the window for the county taxpayers. Now that Tony and his attorney (through Tony) is on the taxpayers’ payroll, there is no reason to quickly look at the evidence. Justice comes at the end of a fat paycheck. Guilty with a paycheck or Not Guilty with a paycheck.

Five – Now that Tony is out of the office, there is another person in his place. Another body has to be paid costing the taxpayers more money. Why not pay that person using Tony’s salary?

Six – Now that Tony is off, he is accumulating more sick days and more vacation days and all the benefits that come with it. A pile, upon a pile, upon a pile, upon a pile of money is being bilked off the taxpayers.

Seven – Now it’s getting clearer and clearer. Misconduct by all these people is as good as apple pie. All the employees in our county can get the courage to steal with the hope of getting on the gravy train. We are giving them all “Hope.”

Eight – In the same day in the same newspaper I read another article where another county employee is arrested for stealing money from the county. There is no end in sight.

Nine – I will leave this whammy blank because I know there are other things I have not thought about yet.

Ten – I leave this whammy blank for the unbelievable. The things that are hard to fathom that are probably going on right now.

Here’s an idea. How about reducing all county jobs by half. Cut half of the county employees and half of the elected positions. This way, technically, they would not have time to think of ways to steal money or make money on the side at taxpayer’s expense.

My advice to the taxpayers … Do not re-elect any elected official. Once they learn the ropes a little bit better they bask in your money. Legally or Illegal. Tony is a good example. Guilty or not, he should have never gotten in his predicament. It’s your fault for re-electing him.

Let’s keep them honest. Keep them out of jail.

Let’s stay away from embarrassing ourselves by re-electing them. I now think that the corruption is us by re-electing these people.

Santiago Perez Taxpayer San Benito