Something you need to know

If you have lost a loved one to a drunk driver, you need to know that the driver may have had many chances before he was finally able to kill our loved ones.

Police officers are allowed to use their discretion as to how you will be charged when stopped for drunk driving.

In La Feria and other small towns, it is ticketed as public intoxication. This is so they can keep the fine money in their town. It’s a fact that any judge or JP that hears the case even after reading the incident report and knowing it was drunk driving, can only rule on the ticket the officer wrote.

This gives even a rookie officer more power than any judge. Even though all of the above took an oath to uphold the laws of Texas, they themselves have the right to violate the oath and the laws.

We have many running for office for judges and JPs, so let’s vote for one who will change the way they are letting drunk drivers have more chances to kill our loved loves — because a police officer has more power than they do.


Delores Fuller, La Feria