A response to King

Mr. Jack King, I understand you are a historian of sorts, or is that the other Jack?

As for your statement that I stated that, “southerners became Democrats after the Civil War to spite Lincoln,” I wrote no such thing. Maybe a reading class is in order?

I agree with your argument that a higher percentage of Republicans voted, “yeah,” than did Democrats in the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. In fact, Sen. Richard Russell (D-GA) said at the time, “We will resist to the bitter end any measure or any movement which would have a tendency to bring about social equality and intermingle and amalgamation of the races in our southern states.”

The argument was that the Civil Rights proposals were “unconstitutional, unnecessary, unwise and beyond the realm of reason.” Sound familiar?

It is true Jack that as a result of the bill, Democrats ride themselves of racist Democrats who along with their votes moved to your GOP. In fact, they took over the party. These were the same kind of people who like Mr. Taylor, whom you chose to defend and align yourself with, nostalgized for days gone by in America.

Yes, I am indignant over the America Jim Taylor envisions. While you may be perfectly fine with the tone and mood of his fairytale story, I find it repulsive. Secondly, it matters not who you run as a political party, but who you pick to be your candidate.

It was the Democrat Party who voted in our first African American president.

Thirdly, both parties are to blame for the exportation of American jobs.

And, finally, the deportation of 12 million unauthorized residents, if possible, would be devastating to our economy.

Saul Gonzalez

San Benito