Meet me in the RGV

Today, I have invited Trump and all GOP candidates to Harlingen to meet me and understand with Democrat candidate for president. Obviously, you all do not understand what the Pope is trying to tell you.

Trump’s remarks. The Pope is begging any of you candidates to actually do something. The Pope is totally against the Mexican government’s corruption and allowing the “human tragedy that is forced migration.”

“No more deaths! No more exploitation!”

Pope Francis stsated, “we cannot deny the humanitarian crisis which in recent years has meant the migration of thousands of people … whether by train or highway or on foot, crossing hundreds of kilometers through mountains, deserts and inhospitable zones.” “They are our brothers and sisters who are being expelled by poverty and violence, drug trafficking and organized crime.”

How clear can the people be? He is calling for “U.S. intervention to stop the killing and suffering and exploitation of Mexicans by their own corrupt elite government and U.S. corporations inside Mexico exploiting workers by slave wages which contains their poverty.

How can anyone misunderstand what the people is saying?

Francis is calling for some Christian candidate to come forth and actually do something to stop the killing and abuse and the poverty.

These illegals are actually refugees fleeing for their lives into the USA. If we Amercan were to actually take our Army and rescue these millions from the oppressors, then, we become Christian and show love to our neighbors.

If this nation sits on our hands and does nothing to stop the exploitation by Maquiladoras, drug kills and that corrupt government. Then we need to pull Old Glory down and burn her, as a symbol of a lie.

The Pope is talking about love.

Stan Locke

Presidential Candidate


Port Aransas