Supporting Success: Coakley Middle School brings home UIL academic champ title

With an environment that fosters student success, Coakley Middle School has established a long-standing tradition of academic excellence.

Campus-wide teachers and administrators encourage students always to take pride in their work and strive to do better. Just this year the school’s stellar UIL academic team brought home its 40th District UIL Academic Championship title.

Contributing to the team’s victory, seventh-grade student Justin Armstrong went above and beyond by competing in eighth-grade science and took first place in his event. Additionally, he earned second place in Maps, Graphs and Charts and third in Dictionary Skills.

For Armstrong, doing well in UIL academics translates into excelling in the classroom.

“My participation in UIL gives me extra practice with what I’m learning in class and helps quicken my gaining of knowledge.”

UIL is just one students get excited for learning at Coakley.

Eighth-grade student Mizzah Johnson is learning how to create lessons to help first-grade students with their reading skills as part of the Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy’s Teen Trendsetters program.

“Our Spanish class goes over to Sam Houston every Friday to teach first graders how to improve their reading skills,” she says. “After joining the program, I just really liked helping out so I’ve been going there to volunteer in other programs such as their Veterans Day event and chess tournaments.”

Johnson says she enjoys taking part in activities that keep her engaged in her learning.

“When we are reviewing for history, my teacher puts us in groups and then we compete to se who answers the most questions correctly. I just love doing projects. I just think it’s a better way for me to learn. I’m more of a visual learner.”

Serenade Trevino, a sixth-grade student says that at Coakley she as learned how to overcome adversity and if she works hard and remains committed to her education, she will accomplish her goal to pursue a career in physics.

“Our teachers work with us on a very one-on-one way and it helps us get better grades. I want to study physics when I get older because I like math, but sometimes I struggle with it. With my teacher’s help, I’m getting better at it.”

By working together students and teachers have seen their hard work pay off in more ways than one as they continue to make gains in PSAT and STAAR scores.

Andrea Morales an art teacher at Coakley says proud to be part of a campus with a reputation of excellence and is excited for what the future holds for her students.

“It’s a great school. Our kid’s have accomplished so much, and I continue to be impressed by their determination. I don’t think the world is ready for them.”