In ‘love’ with political reporter

I have a new hero … and it may even be a “big boy crush” on Fox News Political reporter, Megyn Kelly.

Megyn has done what no other person, including 14 Republican presidential candidates have been unable to do. She has gotten under Donald Trump’s skin and “the Donald,” who says he will destroy Isis, wants nothing to do with her.

What a feat … what a woman? I’m not even going to hold the fact that she is a lawyer against her. Mr. Trump was used to “talking down” to smart woman until he met Megyn Kelly.

As fate would have it, Mr. Trump will most likely meet up with another strong and smart woman … Hillary Clinton. Hillary is a storm and a force to be reckoned with.Trump cannot run from this woman and all the smooth car salesman tactics are no match for Hillary”s vast policy experience. I, of course, will not vote for either, but I will enjoy the show! Did I say I really liked Megyn Kelly?

Ramiro Ochoa, Santa Rosa