Los Indios officials set sights on transmigrante businesses

LOS INDIOS — Complaints to the city have caused officials to get tough.

Inspectors visited the transmigrante businesses on Hwy 281 to toughen up on code compliance.

In 2002, U.S. and Mexican officials agreed to make the International Free Trade Bridge near Los Indios the only one for transmigrante travel.

Transmigrantes take second-hand cars and other goods to sell in their homelands.

City Administrator Jared Hockema said the investigations will be ongoing. He said problems found in the investigation included fire and health code violations.

“These inspections fulfill a promise by the city to business owners and residents,” Hockema said. “We promised business owners to apply codes and regulations uniformly, and to promote a positive business environment.”

These inspections are part of an ongoing effort by the city to promote quality of life and a positive business environment, by uniformly enforcing laws and regulations and addressing code violations.

The code enforcement sweep happened last Wednesday.

City of Los Indios employees, including the city inspector and a city police officer were joined by the Cameron County fire marshal’s office and health inspectors in making code enforcement investigations.

In the months leading up to last week’s inspections, city employees visited businesses across the city to encourage them to comply with applicable laws and regulations. Letters were mailed to business owners and the city held a meeting with them to discuss applicable regulations.

No citations were issued during the inspections. Instead, business owners were given a period of time to address any violations.

The city plans to re-inspect these businesses at the conclusion of that time period, and to inspect additional businesses in the near future.

“We promised residents that the city would work to improve quality of life, and our ongoing efforts at code enforcement are a fulfillment of that promise,” Hockema said. “The city will be back to these businesses, as well as any other location that may not be following our ordinances or the health and safety codes.”