San Benito police chief stepping down to finish degree

SAN BENITO — Police Chief Martin Morales is stepping down from his position as head of the department to take on a new role within the department.

The changes come as Morales completes 28 years of service in the city’s police pepartment.

“This comes at Mr. Morales’ request,” said to City Manager Manuel De La Rosa in a press release.

“We met to discuss the proposal and he said he wished to step down, but continue to serve the department and city in other capacities.”

The city commission will make a decision on Morales’s request this evening at a regular city commissioners meeting.

“The city commission is expected to consider adoption of a resolution that creates a lieutenant position for Morales. Until that time, he will continue serving as police chief of operations,” De La Rosa said.

Morales said he looks forward to his role as an officer with the department.

“I love the city and want to continue being productive as a police officer, but it is time for me to slow-down a bit. I am happy that the city will allow me to continue serving as a police officer, however I wish to continue pursuing my educational goals and look forward to completing my degree in December,” he said.