All lives matter

The VMS’s article on the Pope’s visit to Cuidad Juarez, “Open your hearts” had a paragraph about a sign put up by the Border Network for Human Rights that read, “#ImmigrantLivesMatter.”

All lives matter, not just Black lives or immigrant lives. What about all those killed by illegals that had been previously deported such as Houston police officers, Rodney Johnson, Henry Canales, Kevin Will, and Gary Gryder?

That’s from only one sanctuary city and does not include HPD officers that were wounded or seriously injured by illegals. To say nothing of the ordinary citizens that have died or been seriously injured by illegals all across the US.

Here in the Valley the accused killers of off duty Border Patrol Agent Javier Vega are also illegals that had been previously deported. The cost for the incarceration, prosecution and defense lawyers for just this one case?

The numbers I’ve been able to find are that on any given day there are anywhere from 150,000 to 200,000 illegals in US federal, state, county and local jails. The cost to tax payers is in the billions.

Not to mention the number of people that die every single day from heroin and cocaine overdoses or the number of lives ruined by drug addiction. I pray that it will not be a member of your family or mine.

I noticed that the Pope did not mention the insatiable appetite for illegal drugs in the US that keeps the cartels in business.

But I did notice that the Pope’s statement aimed at Donald Trump, “A person who thinks only of building walls … is not a Christian.”

Found that a little odd coming from a man that lives in Vatican City, surrounded by 39-foot walls and who is protected by an army of armed mercenaries, the Swiss Guard.

Also found it odd that he bashed a country that has very liberal “legal” immigration policies and that gives away billions to over 90 percent of the nations of the world in foreign aid.

I also found it very odd that the Pope made no mention of the 56 million aborted babies in the US alone. Do these totally innocent lives matter?

N. Rodriguez Harlingen