Treviño, Sanchez prepare for May runoff

The race for county judge will continue.

Cameron County residents in May must decide between Pct. 4 Commissioner Dan Sanchez or former Brownsville mayor Eddie Treviño Jr.

Treviño was the frontrunner Tuesday night, according to unofficial numbers, having secured 12,935 votes. Sanchez followed behind with 10,705 votes.

Treviño said he was pleased with the support his campaign had received from the county and he is ready for the runoff election.

“We’ll work even harder. If there’s something we can do, we’ll do it. If there’s anyone we haven’t talked to, we’ll talk to them. We’re not leaving any stone unturned,” he said.

Treviño said he feels confident about his campaign but he does not see it as a reason to slack off.

“I feel very confident about where we are at and where we are headed but we are going to have to start all over again and make sure our supporters get out to vote ,” he said.

Treviño said he feels one of the biggest issues that needs addressing is the lack of communication between the county and the city of Brownsville . He cited the West Morrison Road dispute as an example of that.

“The city has been waiting to build on that land for 20 years and the county is sending cease-and-desist letters? It’s an indication that county leadership is severely lacking. The court is not working for its constituents,” said Treviño, a former Brownsville mayor.

Sanchez could not be reached for comment Wednesday afternoon. Tuesday night he said he was not surprised about the results.

“It’s kind of what I expected. With the vote split among three of us, I didn’t think anyone would have a majority. I thought we’d be a little closer, but hey, we’re in there,” Sanchez said.

At a forum hosted by the Brownsville/South Padre Island Board of Realtors on Feb. 18, Sanchez advocated for regionalism with a single Rio Grande Valley Metropolitan Planning Organization and more infrastructure and transportation projects, such as a light rail system that could connect the Valley.

Whoever takes office will only serve for two years before he must campaign for re-election.