Establishment bilks Middle Class

Hillary Clinton is the candidate representing the Establishment, the dominant group holding power. The Establishment has created an economy in which one percent of Americans own 50 percent of the wealth. The 1 percent cannot prosper without the other 99 percent because the consumer is 70 percent of the economy, and the economy is rigged to generate wealth for the 1 percent.

So, at the top we have the 1 percent, enabled by the Establishment. In the middle we have the middle class which is shrinking because it is being milked for all it’s worth, and at the bottom we have the working poor, the retired poor, the unemployed, the disabled, the undocumented, etc., most of whom receive some sort of monetary entitlement or tax break from the government.

Everyone is a consumer and the more they consume, the better off the 1 percent becomes because they own and control the means of production. So to keep the money coming in to the 1 percent and the votes coming in for the Establishment, the Treasury deposits hundreds of millions of dollars each month into the accounts of the lower classes. This money is spent quickly because the poor must spend it to live. and much of it flows into the coffers of the 1 percent.

I applaud the humanitarian benefits of these entitlements, but condemn the Establishment and the 1 percent rigging the economy so heavily in favor of themselves.

And where does the government get all this money for entitlements? It’s created out of thin air by the Federal Reserve which is not a true government agency but a greedy banking cartel that was given extraordinary powers by Congress. The Fed is also part of the Establishment and has been since its creation.

The Fed creates money at the stroke of a computer key, lends it to the Treasury by buying bonds, and it’s added to the national debt and billed to the taxpayer. The Fed is the big winner because it gets those bonds for next to nothing, the 1 percent comes in second, the government wins some votes, the poor hang on, and the taxpayer gets shafted.

The hope and change touted by Obama has tremendously benefited the wealthy but hasn’t panned out for the rest of us. It’s time for a regime change.

Jack King Harlingen