Have you had an orchid that you wished you could keep healthy and reblooming for lasting enjoyment?

Did you wonder why it did not grow or flower?

Orchid experts from the Tip O’ Texas Orchid society are conducting a free workshop that can help you.

Unlike most flowering plants, orchids almost never grow in garden soil; neither in the ground or in pots.

In nature their roots cling to trees and rocks and take moisture and nutrients from the air.

We can create similar conditions by potting or mounting orchid plants using materials and techniques that mimic the orchid’s natural environment.

At this workshop you can learn these techniques.

With appropriate materials and hands-on instruction you will be able to create an environment where your orchid can thrive!

Participants can bring their own plants to repot or mount.

The workshop is free, and orchids and the specialized supplies will be available for a modest cost.

We hope you will come and join us on the patio at the Valley Nature Center.