Ballot Boom: Primary election saw higher turnout

Voters in Cameron County were out to the polls in droves, and both parties saw more local participation than usual in last Tuesday’s primary election, said Remi Garza, elections administrator.

Of the 185,720 eligible voters in Cameron County, 44,475 made it to the polls. That’s an approximate 24-percent voter turnout, which is high for a primary, Garza said.

In the Democratic primary, 31,737 voters participated. In the Republican primary, that number was 12,738.

“The average for the Democratic Party is usually 24,000 to 26,000. So 31,737 is a really good indication. The Republicans are closer to between 6,000 and 7,000, so that was phenomenal,” Garza said.

Although presidential hopefuls Sen. Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton were victorious in the Texas primaries, several local candidates didn’t have the same luck and are forced into a runoff election on May 24.

Although the results of Super Tuesday have not determined the party nominees, it does offer some direction as to which candidates people are leaning toward for the White House.

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