Help the citizens here, first

Am I upset? Sure I am.

Recently, I went to a fundraiser for a young mother with a rare illness. She has her hardworking husband and three school children.

She needs to travel to Houston for treatment. Her wheelchair is in limbo at this time. If she does not get it, she will have to pay for it. Her insurance does not want to pay more. There are all kinds of reasons why she does not qualify for assistance, like they are homeowners, they have insurance and have to wait, etc.

The doctors should put her on disability, while a few blocks away, a big building has been remodeled for illegals and undocumented people that will have free shelter, free food, free clothing, free education, free transportation and above all, free medical assistance.

Is this fair?

While this young mother here in the U.S. does not receive any of those.

There are already two facilities for the illegals, one on Highway 77 and the other on the frontage road on Highway 83. They also have recreational areas for basketball, soccer and more.

Our Boys and Girls Club can hardly afford that for our children here in the U.S.

Am I upset? Sure I am.

Rosie Olivarez San Benito