Overnight storms bring record rain

HARLINGEN – The first significant rainfall here since the start of the year managed to set a record.

The 1.13 inches of rain recorded at Valley International Airport tops the mark of 1.11 inches set just last year.

That was the official total, although it seemed other areas of the city received more rain.

McAllen also set a rainfall record for March 9 with 0.75 inches of precipitation. The National Weather Service concedes that number may be low, because that’s when the rain measuring instrument “failed.”

So 0.75 inches goes into the book for McAllen for March 9.

Brownsville reported 1.95 inches of rainfall, which was not a record.

Forecast today for Harlingen is a high of 75 with a low of 58. There’s a 40-percent chance for more rain, dropping to 20 percent tonight.