Food Truck Showdown

HARLINGEN — Frank Macias’ signature dish is called El Jefe “Cubano.”

In English, it means “the chief” and it’s one of his most popular dishes he serves out of his food truck Frankie Flav’z.

This is not an ordinary sandwich. It consists of mojo braised pulled pork with added South Texas flavors.

In one bite you can taste the cumin, garlic, citrus, herbs and spices that give it just the right Rio Grande Valley/Cuban flavor.

The pork is put on a buttery bun and then topped with Swiss cheese and pickles, served with a side of fries sprinkled with cilantro.

Macias, operator and chef of Frankie Flav’z, hopes his El Jefe will win him the title of Texas Food Truck Showdown champion when he competes in Waco next month.

For the past six months, Macias and his truck have traveled around town serving hundreds.

When they opened the business it was El Jefe that turned out to be the boss sandwich. “When we opened, that is the sandwich that took off,” Macias said.

It was the sandwich most likely to be ordered five times in a row.

On April 2, Macias is set to compete against 39 food trucks from around the state all differing in offerings.

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