Mercedes native looking to become sports personality

MERCEDES — Mercedes native and Texas A&M University Kingsville sophomore Tessi Ledesma has aspirations to become an on-air sports personality and has made the most of her time in college.

After graduating from Mercedes High School in 2014, Ledesma, a double major in communications — TV/radio and sports business — has juggled classes, internships and her duties as a university sports reporter with Javelina athletics in her pursuit of accomplishing her goal.

Get to know her.

Q – What drew you to Texas A&M Kingsville?

A – Texas A&M Kingsville is a home away from home. I loved how they were so welcoming and kind hearted. My first choice college had been A&M College Station but after touring TAMUK, I instantly fell in love. I wanted a college that acted more like a family than anything. I found TAMUK to be just the right size. I was not only looking for a campus with good courses for my major but I was also looking for a great community. I found Kingsville to be not only be known for a campus but also for a community that makes you feel like home.

Q – Did you always want to be a news reporter?

A – No, actually entering my senior year of high school, I wanted to pursue a career in physical therapy. With this, I wanted to have my own equine therapy business for autistic kids. I wanted this so I could incorporate my love for horses and my want to always lend a helping hand to others. However, when my senior year of high school hit, I was selected as the student body president and that year they wanted student body officers and I to film clips promoting school events and school spirit. Since I was president, I had to do most of the talking on camera and I fell in love. My instructor, Mr. Cruz, was amazing! He saw talent in me when it came to public speaking and on-air speaking that I did not know I had, so he encouraged me to pursue a career in television broadcast.

Favorite Hobby – My favorite hobby (or should I say hobbies) includes white tail deer hunting, white wing dove hunting, skeet shooting, and horseback riding. I grew up on a ranch so I was always doing these things. As I grew up, I saw that it’s not often where you’ll see a female who can do these things or has access to them. It’s something that has always made me unique and I find joy in taking part in these hobbies.

Favorite food – My favorite food is stuffed salmon with a side of steamed broccoli or asparagus. This is very specific, I know, but this is my idea of a perfect meal. I love eating healthy and fit and I found this to be an easy to make dish as well as it being very satisfying. I encourage anyone to try it out.

Favorite music – I don’t really have a favorite type of music. I literally listen to everything! I do have a favorite artist though and that would be Ed Sheeran. His music is always calming and soothing. Perfect to listen to when getting ready in the morning or when I’m doing homework or working on/editing my sports packages.