Overwhelmed drainage system holds up despite heavy rains

WESLACO — Flooding concerns were washed away this week after a normally overwhelmed drainage system held up, for the most part, during heavy rains.

Public facilities director Pete Garcia Jr. credited the regular maintenance of inlets and drainage ditches in Weslaco for what he termed a quick water recession, not to mention the use of a trailer-mounted Gator pump that pump as much as 5,000 gallons of water per minute.

“It’s clean, all the city ditches are clean,” Garcia said after as many as 2 inches of rain drenched the area. “It’s when you hit the county that’s where you have a concern, of course.”

Within city limits, however, Garcia said that flooding in the vicinities of Pike and Illinois Avenue, as well as around Huisache and North Missouri, receded after no more than an hour on Wednesday, when Weslaco experienced more rainfall.

“It drained pretty fast,” he added.

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