Swimming Swine

MERCEDES — Sandra Rodriguez sat on bleachers that surrounded a small octagonal hay raceway. Along with a crowd, she waited for the Swifty Swine Racing and Swimming Pig show to begin during the 77th annual Rio Grande Valley Livestock Show.

“We went to the petting zoo, played some games and now we’re going to see the pig races,” the McAllen native said. “We didn’t get to see them the first time we came so that’s why I want to see them now.”

People cheered and laughed as they sat on the bleachers surrounding the raceway as they watched three sets of pigs, four at a time, race for Oreo cookies.

The 44-year-old woman said it was the second time she attended the livestock show with her son and husband, though it wasn’t her husband Jacinto’s first or second rodeo.

“I had a bull and a steer,” Jacinto Rodriguez said. “I would go into the rodeo also. I don’t even think I named them.”

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