Reader wants to be Kresken when it comes to Baxter

It’s not even May and I already know the answer for the “Baxter” building.

It will be infested with rats. The two-legged kind and the four-legged kind.

There will be drugs for everybody. The prescription kind and the nonprescription kind. There don’t be one cockroach. There will be one million.

There will be folk art. There will be wall art by the little folks.

The experiment of low income has been done before. There are two examples. One is near an H.E.B. and the other next to the airport.

But back then they were built away from the center of town. That was the intention. Keep the poor away from the center of town. Back then those two projects were on the outskirt of the city.

If it’s going to be built will be determined by whose are profiting from it. A lot of profits will be under the table.

Unless they have a special plan to change the poor human beings from the norm of their habits it is a done deal.

Santiago Perez San Benito