Committed to providing the tools, framework and solid foundation that is vital toward the future of our children, San Benito CISD recently celebrated this year’s Celebrate Texas Public Schools (CTPS) campaign – “Public Education: A Texas Tradition.”

Established in 1950 by the Masonic Lodges of Texas, the weeklong celebration (formerly known as “Texas Public Schools Week”) publicly recognizes contributions made by the state’s free system of education. The annual celebration has become a meaningful way to showcase the many educational opportunities given to the over five million students attending Texas’ 1,000-plus school districts.

Locally, the weeklong celebration highlighted the extraordinary and creative teaching and high level of learning that San Benito students are experiencing daily.

From studying Texas History and celebrating Dr. Seuss’s birthday to promoting career day and enjoying family picnics, students and campus personnel enjoyed the special celebration in creative and unique ways.

During the week long celebration, schools also opened their doors and invited parents, grandparents, and members of the community to visit classrooms, participate in open house events, and take a first-hand look at how educators, with the support from parents and the community, are empowering all students with the tools necessary to succeed.

“When I see parents attend their child’s Open House event, it sends me a non-verbal message that they are serious about the role that they play in their child’s education,” explained Manuel Cruz, Principal of Angela G. Leal Elementary.

“Open House reinforces positive teacher-parent relationships. It allows parents and the community to see the resources of the school and classroom. Open House also makes the school more likely to improve, and more importantly it sends a great message to children,” Cruz added.

Minerva T. Galván proudly visited her grandsons’ classrooms at Ed Downs Elementary during open house. “Both parents and grandparents should be involved in their children’s educational experience. From helping with homework to meeting their teacher, it’s something that the children remember and appreciate,” said Galván.

Open house festivities reinforced for parents, grandparents, and community members the school district’s commitment to providing for each child a quality education.