No Long Term in LNGs Future

LNG is a fossil fuel and does Not have long term future here. The only safe place for fossil fuels is to remain in the ground so as Not to continue to pollute our planet earth with its toxic emissions. These proposed LNGs would be using additional natural gas to freeze and liquefy, the vast majority of which is proposed to be provided by additional Fracking from the shale 140 miles north of their proposed plants.

So, the big selling point for the LNGs is the jobs they propose to create, thousands if you believe them. However, they always give the caveat that this is during the construction phase of 3 to 5 years. After that, the number drops precipitously to less than 100 jobs at each LNG plant. Not much job security or future for those “thousands of jobs.”

The Pope is a chemist by training and he says the same as the other scientists around the world, burning fossil fuels, in any form, is a Disaster for our mother planet, Earth. However, this is not totally true, in the strictest sense. The Earth has survived millions of years, most of those without any human population. Humans are a recent addition to the creatures on Earth as the proper conditions appeared on Earth to support the survival of the human species.

Now we are poised on the brink of extinction for our species of humankind. The Earth has survived these millions of years with a changing cast of characters as its climate evolved over time. Now we humans are destroying the proper conditions on Earth for humans to survive. Within 100 years, we humans could have killed off our species by ignoring global warming and climate change.

No future there.

Rick Teter Laguna Vista