United Way to host ‘Spring into Reading’ Book Swap

HARLINGEN — Bouncers, bunny races, face painting, reading time …

What, reading time? What does that have to do with bouncers and face painting?

Some might call it a matter of balance, but in more direct terms, the United Way of NorthernCameronCounty wants to show local children that reading can be fun as well as fundamental. That’s why it’s setting up a “Spring into Reading” Book Swap Saturday in FairPark at the VP Egg Drop.

Children are invited to the event held by ValleyPraiseChurch between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. to play games, swap books, listen to someone reading a story, and then hunt for Easter Eggs.

However, hunting Easter Eggs will require children to accomplish a mission. As they enter FairPark, they’ll be given a wrist band, said Janine Campbell, event coordinator for Valley Praise. Each time the children participate in one of the activities, they’ll have their wrist band punched. Four punches will earn them the right to hunt for Easter Eggs.

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