Where are best, brightest in presidential race?

Donald Trump is a 14-year-old boy trapped in a 69-year-old body and every once in a while he says something I agree with.

That being said, I would never, ever cast a vote for him. He threatens to punch his opposition in the face, threatens to kill Muslim families and wants to deport 11 million immigrants regardless of any circumstance.

He is astonishingly tone deaf to his divisive remarks and blames anyone for everything that goes badly.

He makes me want to buy his book written in the 1980s, “The Art of the Deal” just to see how his “success” came about, but I can’t bring myself to add to his income.

Then there is Hillary Clinton who I don’t favor much either. In my opinion, as Secretary of State, she did more to line her family business coffers than look out for USA’s best interests. Bernie Sanders has some pie in the sky good ideas but most economists say we could not afford them even if we changed our tax structure.

Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are annoying mosquitoes. John Kasich could be the understudy in “Father Knows Best.”

These are our choices? I guess the best and the brightest chose to sit this one out. I won’t, but I’ll hold my nose when I cast my vote.

Susan Berberian Harlingen