College students invade SPI for Spring Break

SOUTH PADRE ISLAND — As Waka Flocka Flame bounced and sang on the Rockstar stage Thursday, hundreds of Spring Breakers chugged beers, stumbled around and smoked legal or illegal substances.

Law enforcement tossed footballs with strangers in the periphery and patrolled the beaches on four-wheelers throughout the warm, mostly cloudy day.

Groups of friends played more stimulating games as well, like beer bong contests or beer pong tournaments dug into the sand.

Another game was dubbed “beer baseball.” One person downed a beer, put his or her forehead on a baseball bat, spun in circles and tried to hit an empty can tossed at them.

One player sported a Seattle Supersonics jersey, bucket hat and sunglasses. He fell down after his beer baseball blunder, unable to give much input on his performance.

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