People need to slow down

My name is Sonia Gonzales and I read your article on Ms. Hernandez and I am sorry to hear what happened.

I reside on FM 2925 and have to say that we get a lot of speeding vehicles some of whom are fisherman with their boats or people leaving the local bars here. I have experienced dangerous drivers here both night and day where I am heading home on this road and I will see a vehicle speeding to pass another vehicle and in doing so they veer into my lane barely missing me and that’s because I slow down.

I don’t drive here at night because there’s too much high speeding going on here and we don’t have troopers that drive here unless someone may have called for some reason or another.

At night is when we get a lot of speeders and they zoom by going about 80 and this road is 55.

We also have curves and animals like deer that cross the road suddenly and most times they are found dead on the road which means the speeder had no time to slow down.

If you’re going the speed limit and have the lights on bright you can see way in advance. I have a daughter who will turn 18 and I fear every day for her safety.

She is not allowed to drive without me right now but I know one day she will. I just wanted to inform you on what I experience here where I live. My condolences go out to Ms. Hernandez and her family.

Thank you, Sonia Gonzales Rio Hondo