La Posada Providencia helps educate Spring Break visitors

SAN BENITO —Educating the young has always been a key goal at La Posada Providencia.

Two groups of young students made it their mission during their Spring Break vacation to educate themselves with La Posada’s mission.

Last week, La Posada welcomed two groups composed of high school and college students that traveled many miles to learn about immigration and the shelter.

The first group was made up of high school students from San Francisco. They organized their long trip to South Texas to receive a first-hand experience on immigration.

Volunteer coordinator Adriana Garcia said this group was part of a border witness program.

“They came to South Texas to gain a better understanding of the immigration issues and social justice issues in the area,” she said. “What both groups and future groups will do is travel up and down the border visiting different areas.”

While here, Garcia said they will visit colonias, different shelters and other immigration facilities.

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