Lyford’s ‘laguna’ to turn into park

LYFORD — Soon, the city’s low-lying “laguna” will turn into a park.

As part of a $150,000 project, officials will develop the low-lying 10-acre area off Spur 154 into the city’s second park.

“Instead of an eyesore, we’re going to have a park,” Mayor Henry De La Paz said yesterday.

De La Paz said a $75,000 grant along with a $50,000 Willacy County donation will help fund the project.

Officials plan to build an amphitheater, two ball fields and a walking trail in the park to be located in the middle of town, De La Paz said.

He said the park will feature the city’s first softball field and amphitheater.

Later, he said, the city plans to build restrooms.

Now, officials are conducting environmental tests on the site.

Next, the city will request construction bids to launch the project.

The park is expected to be completed in September, De La Paz said.