Plans for new San Benito pool still ongoing

SAN BENITO — City officials’ dreams of having a new swimming pool are still on the table.

Last night, city commissioners took no action to move forward on plans regarding the building of a new pool.

Last month, project officials were given about a month to come back to the commission with more concrete plans.

However, according to Parks and Recreation Director Art Garza, they are still in the research phase.

The issue is whether to build a new pool all together or build on the existing pool.

Garza said a new pool would take about two to three months to build and cost more than $100,000.

The existing pool, according to Garza, is still being assessed by the proper engineering authorities.

Those findings were not readily available, confusing the commissioners and the public.

Commissioners urged Garza to talk to the engineers in order to get the assessment to move the process along.

Once those findings are available, Garza said they will know whether they can build on the existing structure or build a new pool.

Any action on the swimming pool idea has been up in the air since it was introduced by former City Manager Manuel Lara several years ago.

The swimming pool has been closed a little more than seven years.

Last month, city leaders discussed either remodeling the current pool or building a new one.

They took no action then.