Skate park remains in limbo: Plans on hold in favor of pool resolution

SAN BENITO — The idea of a skate park has been a hot topic among city officials and the community.

But after last night, it doesn’t appear as if there will ever be one.

During last night’s city meeting, commissioners failed to approve any sort of plan of action regarding the building of a skate park.

The idea of a new skateboard park has been a topic in the community and among city officials for several years.

Mayor Celeste Sanchez has said from the very start she had hoped it could be built by summer. The skateboarders also hoped they could have a new place to call home soon.

However, city officials failed to reach any type of decision and turned their attention at times elsewhere.

At the recommendation of City Manager Manuel Del La Rosa, commissioners did approve his recommendation to move forward with sampling the land that the old pool currently sits on.

Parks and Recreation Director Art Garza said he is still waiting on the engineers to finish their assessment of the old pool structure to see if they can rebuild the old pool or if they need to build a completely new pool.

At one point in the meeting, after a long discussion, commissioners collectively agreed that a skate park could in fact be built on the existing pool and a new pool could be built on the adjacent property and use the old pool’s facilities.

Even though commissioners did not approve a plan, that didn’t stop Garza from telling city leaders what they could have in a skate park.

He said Tony Misiano offered to build San Benito’s skate park in phases for a little more than $75,000.

In 2012, Misiano designed Los Fresnos’ 8,000-square-foot skate park as a “flow plaza” park. He is currently in the process of building a skate park in Raymondville.