Church hosts Easter egg hunt for children

HARLINGEN — Livingway Family Church Pastor Bill Moore said, “Easter is like the Super Bowl to any child of God.”

It was with Super Bowl-like enthusiasm that more than 150 children ranging in age from 1 to 11 geared up with colorful baskets and poised themselves behind yellow caution tape.

Every child wiggled with excitement and anticipation yesterday for the Easter egg hunt on the grounds of Marine Military Academy.

On the other side of the caution tape lay thousands of colorful eggs, all filled with candy.

When the word “go!” was yelled, that was it.

With the same energy of an Olympian, children dove and slid to the ground, plucking eggs left and right.

Everything was orderly and no one pushed. The children were told during a church service by Livingway Family Church Pastor Anne Moore that there were plenty of eggs to go around.

The church’s executive assistant, Melissa Sosa, said the volunteers prepared about 10,000 eggs.

No one left empty handed. Every child who attended left with eggs and a prize.

In a show of generosity, church officials handed out more than $20,000 worth of prizes.

Each child left either with a stuffed animal, bike, gift card or goody basket.