City commissioners approve purchase of new communications equipment

LYFORD — Soon, work crews will stop using their cell phones to reach “dead spots” along the city’s northern edge.

That’s because city commissioners have approved a $1,800 purchase of communications equipment to replace parts of a radio system.

Officials have ordered a base radio and antenna and two mobile radios for the city’s public works department, Mayor Henry De La Paz said yesterday.

Public Works Director Javier Lopez said the department’s old communication system cannot transmit into the city’s northern section.

“They’re outdated,” Lopez said of the antenna and radios. “Some areas don’t pick up at all so we have to use our personal phones.”

De La Paz said officials needed to improve the department’s communication system.

“This helps us to communicate between each other. If someone runs into problems, we need to communicate,” De La Paz said. “The antenna range doesn’t cover the entire city. There are some dead spots.”