Raymondville hopes pipeline plan relieves city flooding

RAYMONDVILLE — For decades, area leaders have searched for ways to curb flooding in this low-lying area.

Now, city officials have a plan to help drain any floodwaters from Raymondville and northwestern Willacy County.

Officials will apply for a grant under the Restore Act to improve the area’s drainage system, City Manager Eleazar Garcia said yesterday.

Engineer Joe Muñoz is working to determine the amount of money for which the city will apply.

The city plans to build a pipeline to tie into the regional floodway, or Raymondville drain, located just north of town, said Troy Allen, general manager of the Delta Lake irrigation district.

Garcia said the project also would widen and clean two main lateral drainage canals that flow into the regional floodway.

The improvements would more rapidly drain floodwaters from Raymondville and western parts of Willacy County, Allen said.

“It will alleviate flooding,” Garcia said. “It will get the water out faster.”

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