Exhibit brings more attention to Native American heritage

HARLINGEN — The Cynthia Ann and Quanah Parker exhibit is the beginning of an effort to bring more attention to the important Native American heritage in our region.

The exhibit is sponsored by The Texas Trail of Fame.

Special recognition is given to the Comanche Nation and the many members of the Parker family for keeping this story alive and sharing materials and information.

Ben Tahmahkera, great great grandson of Quanah, has provided special inspiration for the project.

Several individuals and organizations are involved in this effort. Douglas Harman, board member of the Lakes Trail Region and Clara Ruddell, Historic Photograph Research and Consulting, worked with The Lakes Trail Program to put this exhibit together.

The Texas Lakes Trail Region is one of the 10 Heritage Trail Regions created through the Texas Historical Commission.

The principal researcher, Ruddell, assembled the photo materials.

The Redstone Visual Impression Company, through its graphic designer Paula Abney, created the exhibit materials for display.

Many organizations and individuals have assisted in making available photos and information which have gone into the creation of the exhibit.