A win-win for all

LOS FRESNOS — Brownsville taxpayers living near Los Fresnos on Farm Road 803 and Hwy 100 will no longer have to wait so long for city services.

The City of Los Fresnos will be taking care of their needs. The two cities recently swapped property acreage for acreage.

“It’s a win-win for both our cities,” said Mark Milum, Los Fresnos city manager. “Residents who once paid taxes to Brownsville will pay Los Fresnos who will be providing services to them.”

The deal will benefit public safety for people who live in the area who may have waited for hour response times from Brownsville in the past.

“We worked out the deal with Brownsville to swap the property,” said Javier Mendez, Los Fresnos city commissioner. “We gave them some property along Old Alice and they gave us property along Highway 100.”

Police and EMS can respond quicker to emergencies for the residents on 803 who in the past had to wait for the Brownsville services.

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