Family Friendly

SOUTH PADRE ISLAND — A family-focused website has discovered why families flock to the Island every year.

South Padre Island is ranked third on the Family Vacation Critic’s list of 10 Best Beaches for Families for 2016.

The two beaches ahead of the Island are in Outer Banks, North Carolina, and Glen Arbor, Michigan.

The Island ranked higher than beaches in California, Florida, New York and Washington state.

“This small island on the Gulf of Mexico beckons families to dip their toes in the water, fly kites, and build castles in the sand,” the website says.

“Speaking of sandcastles, the island hosts Sandcastle Days every October, a free event with fantastical creations (and especially beautiful weather).”

The website is a subsidiary of TripAdvisor.

Keith Arnold, director of the SPI Convention and Visitors Bureau, said they are honored to be included on the list.

“We are continuously making improvements to family-friendly offerings to keep our destination attractive, accessible and affordable for adventurers of all ages,” Arnold said.

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