Rocket kids: Harlingen students prepare for national challenge

HARLINGEN — How about foam?

Nope. It makes the rocket too heavy.

OK, let’s use Memory foam from mattresses.

Rats. The eggs hit together.

The Harlingen High School Engineering and Technology Club, like all the clubs determined to compete in the Team America Rocketry Challenge in May, had been presented with a new task this year.

Teams have to place two eggs instead of the usual one inside the rocket — and one of them has to lie sideways. And they can’t break at any time during the launch.

Students felt a little bugged — and challenged. They finally decided on polystyrene, which has worked beautifully.

“You have more fun, you have to come up with more ideas to keep two eggs inside instead of just one,” said Juan Carreon, 17. He and other club members had arrived at the Harlingen Sports Complex on Friday to do the test launches.

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