LA FERIA — Superintendent Rey Villarreal says he took on the duty to make sure the students in the district have the best school experience.

One way he intends to do that is with help from voters to pass a $14 million bond proposal in the May election.

“This bond issue effort by the La Feria ISD School Board represents the first phase of an effort to modernize and upgrade our school facilities in the La Feria ISD,” Villarreal said. “We are going about it in the most frugal way for our taxpayers.”

The bonds would allow the administration to replace inefficient and unusable buildings and upgrade buildings that are still viable, he said.

“We want to provide the most optimal learning spaces for our students,” Villarreal said. “We anticipate that a second and third bond phase will be necessary to complete this process in the next five to 10 years.”

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