Ultimate evil

BY Jim Taylor

Israel is the only country likely to destroy the nuclear facilities that President Barack Obama has assured Iran may continue developing.

This is because of the repeated explicit declared intention by Iranian authorities to wipe Israel off the face of the earth.

Also there is the history of Israel’s destruction of such facilities once being built by Sadaam Hussein of Iraq.

Long term fruitless negotiations by Obama with Iran have given them the time they needed to make it extremely difficult to destroy Iran’s underground facilities.

Obama was careful not to call his agreement with Iran a treaty, so as not to be accused Constitutionally of his actual betrayal of Congress and the American people. The Press knows better but remains silent. Congress knows better but remains silent.

The American people no longer actually think; if they did, Obama would have been impeached long ago.

We again leave tragedy to our offspring faced with nucleararmed fanatics. We knowingly accept known terrorist supporters and Islamist nuclear armed extremists (Iran) as well as North Korean communist fanatics arming themselves with the long range missiles to target American cities.

Americans are seemingly unaware of the hideous life under the barbarism of Islam, which subjects its populations to the opposite of freedom; and their willingness to die in order to see that we suffer their same fate.

One might forgive a President who was ignorant of Islam, but Obama knows very well what he has done to America, because he was schooled as a Muslim in Southeast Asia.

Now Obama wants to subject us to an onslaught of refugees from Islamic nations under siege by other Muslims; if I prayed, I’d say God help us.