VMA students bring life to Shakespearean tragedy

San Benito Veterans Memorial Academy students in Olga Soto’s Reading class recently studied “Romeo and Juliet,” the tragedy written by William Shakespeare about two young star-crossed lovers whose deaths ultimately reconcile their feuding families.

Soto’s students successfully worked on several projects that brought life to the Shakespearean tragedy. The projects were not only part of a class enrichment activity after the students read “Romeo and Juliet,” they were also displayed during the school’s open house event.

Some students created a shadow box recreating a scene from the play while others worked on character analysis. Student Zuleyma Cano used a laced fabric to make Juliet’s dress for her character analysis while Orion Martinez and Mark De Leon recreated the fight and death of Tybalt with Lego toy building bricks.

Select students received either a medal for the best overall project in each class, a first place ribbon, or a certificate for participation, completion, and proficiency.

The award-winning students included Alberto Cantu IV, Amando Alegria III, Byron Ayala, Christina Thomas, Daniel Niño Jr., Desiree Zamora, Elizabeth Ramirez, Francisco Garza, Juaquin Torres, Justin Rivera, Kanada Salinas, Mario Martinez Medina, Mark De Leon, Orion Martinez, and Zuleyma Cano.

Soto proudly stressed, “All kids worked arduously, and I must say, happily!”

She added that her students went far and beyond to complete their projects, including details that made each project unique and true to the classic story.